Sblack. An ultra-lightweight Mac client for Slack. Goodbye Electron.

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How is this different than Slack official client?

This is not an Electron app, so its size is 20 MB instead of 180 MB. It also launches faster than the official client.

What other features does Sblack have?

We added a status bar icon to quickly open/close the app. It also has notifications and multi-account, to add as many spaces as you want.

Is this safe?

Absolutely. Sblack works exactly like a browser with small tweaks. We inject the dark mode style at the end of the Slack’s html, and that’s it.

Does it support multi-account?

Yes. You can add multiple spaces and you’ll be able to switch them via a dedicated menu and keyboard shortcuts.

Does this support all Slack features?

No. This is not meant to completely substitute Slack, but just offer a lightweight clients that supports core features.